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Accepting the Challenge

Blazing the trail



Who are we?

Harbour Island Green School (HIGS) is an independently funded, community-based, green school that greatly subsidizes the tuition fees for over 85% of its students. This ensures that local students can access unique educational opportunities which may not be possible otherwise. The school opened in September 2019 and currently serves students from Kindergarten to Junior High, with hopes to develop into a K-12 institution in the near future.


The school is not only dedicated to the Harbour Island community, but also to environmental education and sustainability. HIGS is registered with The Federation of Eco-schools (FEE) through Bahamas Reef Educational Foundation (BREEF). We work exceptionally hard to engage our students and the surrounding community in vital environmental initiatives, both inside and outside of the school walls. Students study and address pressing environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, plastic pollution, and biodiversity.


We deliver educational excellence, through innovative teaching, producing life long learners who demonstrate leadership, creativity, sustainability and community awareness. Our school provides a passionate and nurturing environment to achieve these outcomes.


To create an educational and community-focused organization that helps children reach their fullest potential, whilst making vital contributions to the Harbour Island community.


of students have subsidized tuition!



Faculty to Student ratio


BJC pass rate


A Message From The Principal

Dear Friends,

From its start, HIGS has delivered an education grounded in community, and built on hard work and high expectations. We hold the belief that, through effort and determination, all children have the capacity to learn and become leaders who will shape their world for the better. We execute this philosophy through our community and sustainability centered curriculum, our special needs inclusive student body, and our offer of heavily subsidized student tuition for those who need it. 

HIGS has been forged in a period of challenge for both education, and the Bahamas, and, as such, has evolved into an institution of resilience and creativity. We pride ourselves on our ability to flourish in times of adversity, and we strive to offer outstanding learning opportunities to our students, regardless of limited resources, or any hardships our island might face. I know this ability is because of the core values we uphold; leadership, sustainability, creativity, love of learning, and community.  

The hearts and minds of our students and staff are as colourful and inspired as the murals and gardens that adorn our campus. I invite you to join us and attend one of our sustainability expos, delight in one of our theater productions, or even just simply witness the joy of our students as they explore and extol the curiosities and wonders of the nature our islands, and world, offer. After visiting our school, it is impossible not to be inspired. This is by every definition the little school that could, that can, that will, that must.


Will Simmons



2021-2022 Updated Annual fund donors

Paul & Rita King

OVC & The Other Side Resort

Diane Simmons

Dave Stuart

Gary Slaight

Briland Responsible

FTX Digital

Trent & Elizabeth D.

Martine Head

J Frankfurt

Pablo Conde

Jill Curry

Stephen Uihlein

Anthony Buckingham

Ryan & Gem Austin

Kerry & Matt Pryor

Com. Found. of Boulder

Lisa Scolatti & Rick Anderson

Peter Higgs

Peter & Judith Stanton

Addie Chapin

JAB Foundation

Joanna Paul

Steven L. Trulaske

Roderick Cameron

Timothy Chan

Cassie Kelly

Lauren & Ted Baker

Megan Blakeney

Wendy Hill

Coco Brooks

Chad Hudnut



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