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Chess Board

& Extracurriculars

At HIGS we want to make sure that we offer as many interests and options to our students as possible, so that each child has the opportunity to explore and discover their passions. Our after-school activities have offered our students a much-needed outlet, and have been instrumental in helping our students form well-rounded and well-balanced lives.

Student Clubs

& Field


HIGS proudly hosts an annual Track & Field Day every Spring Semester! Events include track races, relays, long jump, and parent events and our personal favorite: the obstacle course! These events give more athletic students an opportunity to showcase their skills, and less active students a chance to get moving!

Our annual spelling bee is hosted every Fall Semester, with participants ranging from grade 1 up to grade 9. Students are quizzed on Scripts spelling bee words based on their grade level, to compete for prizes. The Spelling Bee was implemented to train students for the annual district spelling bee and to help improve students overall vocabulary skills. 


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