Special Services


The Special Services Division is a new program created to support students in meeting their fullest potential through different mediums. This program provides mental health and special education services. This includes individualized counseling and academic support services for identified students.


Students are referred through a referral system by staff members, and undergo individualized assessments to detect and determine eligibility for special services. Through our team-approach, each student will have an individualized plan, which will incorporate provisional diagnoses, attainable goals, and actionable steps to best support the student.


Ms. Savanah Cambridge

This program will is overseen by Ms. Savannah Cambridge, HIGS’ School Counselor. Ms. Cambridge has a background in psychology with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology and experience in individual and group counseling.


Ms. Kamilah Ellis

Ms. Ellis completed her Bachelors in Management and Psychology at UWI Cavehill and she worked as a Behavioral Technician for 2 years with special focus on children with severe behavioral disorders such as focus deficits, ADD, ADHD and Autism. Ms. Ellis assists in the Special Services department by supporting Special Services students in any capacity they need help with, whether social or academic.


Ms. Kaitlin Lederer

Ms. Kaitlin Lederer is a certified special education teacher.  She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Global and International Education, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, and has over five years of experience working in Philadelphia and The Bahamas in providing special education services.

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Ms. Matilda Wymam

Ms. Wyman is our psychology intern at the Harbour Island Green School. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and holds two awarded certifications in psychotherapy and counseling. Currently, she is supervised by Ms. Cambridge and offers individual counseling to several students.

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