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Applying to The Harbour Island Green School is a multistep process meant to determine our school's capacity to support your student. Students are evaluated based on their application responses, family interview and diagnostic assessment. HIGS runs a competitive admissions process and while we would love to accept all students, we can only facilitate a limited number of students. 


Through our application process, we hope to build a diverse  body of students and parents who support the school's mission & vision and wholeheartedly uphold our core values: leadership,   sustainability,   love of learning,   creativity   &   community


Apply Online

Step 1

Jan 1st - March 18th

Family Inteview

Step 2

Assessment Day

Step 3


Acceptance & Enrollment

Step 4



Step 5

Complete the application within the application window and submit the required supporting documents. 

Note: Applications only valid for 1 admissions cycle.

Parent involvement is a key factor in student success at our institution. Both applicants and parents are invited to be interviewed by admissions committee.  This ensures that the family and school are compatible. 

Upon completion of interview and document submission, students will be invited to attend our assessment day which involves:

1. Academic Assessment 

2. Group Activities

Perspective students can expect acceptance letters at the end of June. After a student is accepted, he or she can then be enrolled in the upcoming semester. 

Note: HIGS runs a competitive admissions process. While we would love to accept all students, we can only facilitate a limited number of students. If your application is unsuccessful, you are welcome to reapply!

The week before the beginning of the academic year is a dedicated orientation week for new students (normally the last week in August). He or she will be able to explore the campus and become familiar with the school culture. 

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