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Fusing Bahamian culture and classical


The Performing Arts Program allows students to explore challenging social scenarios and vulnerable emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Students are able to develop empathy for the experiences of others and explore diverse perspectives.


The theater programme is one of 2 avenues for experiential learning and community enhancement. The first is our Environmental education programme “ Green Friday.“ The second is our theater programme. Both Programs seek to develop youth as leaders and connect them to our heritage but one focuses on environment and the other on culture. The community theater programme at HIGS began in 2007 with the founding of "Space to create" - the school’s community center which bears the same name and over the past 15 years has developed 18 community theatre productions the last three being completed in partnership with the school.

What is Junkatheater?

In early 2021 Mr. Simmons,Principal of HIGS, and Mr Kelly, programme coordinator, combined musical theater and Junkanoo and coined the term “junkatheatre”. Their production of The Lion king, was a smashing success and reaffirmed the power of junkanoo and theater as a tool for youth development. This has led to a new paradigm of theatre production for the community centre and school and the plan is to develop the concept further. The 2nd planned production is a Colourful biblical and Broadway favourite "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat."



spring 2022

& the amazing technicolor dream coat

This year the students explored this popular bible story through music and artistry. Costume design was again led by Ms. Anne Salt and directed by team members Ms. Ellis and Mr. Kelly.

The Lion KINg

Fall 2021

By combining the artistry of Junkanoo and the expertise of Ms. Salt (Costumer for The Lion King Broadway NY) with the passion and heart of our students and their families, we were able to create a Lion King Jr. experience that was uniquely and authentically Bahamian.

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