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Community involvement is a crucial pillar of The Green School. We seek to uplift and promote the development of the Harbour Island community through education, awareness and sustainability. We are able to do this because of the support of our partners, our benefactors and key members of our community. 

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of students tuition is subsidized by the school or donors


Donations make up

of the school's annual budget


of our students are on a full scholarship.


"Our family supports the green school because it represents the power change and the power of choice. Through it’s dynamic curriculum, with a creative, sustainable, community centric approach it empowers it’s students with a fuller wisdom and knowledge to confront the challenges that they will face - not only as individuals, but members of a small island community and as global citizens of the planet. We support the school because we believe that it's Principal and faculty members are driven by a passion for education that extends beyond classroom; a passion that students absorb and will empower the way the next generation of young Bahamians think, live and possibly lead. We believe each student no matter what field they embrace as young adults they will carry the core values of the school with them with confidence and excellence.


Moreover the Green school is so much more than a school; it is community centre, it is a library, it is a theatre, a science lab, an art studio, a garden, a summer camp, a recycling centre. It is a space to create…and it is ultimately becoming a focal point of creativity and expression and a vital connective tissue within the fabric of our community. This is the future, happening now and we are grateful to the pioneers behind it. "

-Ben simmons

Benefactor, Harbour Island Native, Owner of The Other Side Resort

My wife and I truly believe it is essential to the success of the Island and its people that an environmentally sensitive, project based, educational option is made to available to all our youngsters.  Furthermore, we have an enormous amount of respect for the passion, energy, intellect and dedication that the Principal and his team have and continue to demonstrate at HIGS.


HIGS impact is incalculable and will generate an exceptional generation (and generations to come) that, if circumstances allow, will result in students remaining on Harbour Island or in The Bahamas, and will in turn continue to germinate the ethos and passion that is needed to keep our country so beautiful.


Benefactor, Harbour Island Resident, Business Owner


"No act of kindness, however small,

is ever wasted."

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