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One Eleuthera Foundation

One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) has been on a mission to empower our local island communities, transforming them into thriving self-sufficient ecosystems. They are a community-based, people-centric, non-profit organization operating with the best interest of our local communities close at heart.


OEF is the HIGS fiscal sponsor. They also support the school in training, strategic planning and donation processing. They aid in building administrative capacity of non-profits on the island of Eleuthera.

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Bahamas Plastic Movement

Bahamas Plastic Movement (BPM) is an environmental non-profit organization geared towards raising awareness & finding solutions to plastic pollution through research, education, citizen science, and policy change.


BPM worked along with the Green School to create green initiatives such as a plastic free campus. The organization also utilizes the HIGS campus to facilitate tuition free student summer programs. HIGS and BPM have worked together to organize multiple beach cleanups, workshops and youth activism activities.


Center for Training and INNOVATION

The Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI) is an education, training and business enterprise school located in Eleuthera, Bahamas. CTI offers educational opportunities for residents of Eleuthera, as well as residents from other islands of The Bahamas.


Their subbranch, The Briland Trade School, uses the campus to train its students while simultaneously upgrading our campus. Along with the assistance of teachers, their respective students have installed electrical units, added railings, and cooked for our fundraisers.

CTI Website

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Rotaract Club of Eleuthera

The Rotaract Club of Eleuthera is a non-profit service organization that focuses on education and community development. The school has partnered with them to support literacy, promote environmentalism, a raise funds to  aid in addressing pressing issues in the local community.


Food post farms

Food Post Farms is a closed-loop♻️island farmstead that specializes in vermicomposting. Vermicompost is the product of the decomposition process using various species of worms. HIGS and Food Post Farms work together on multiple projects. Mr. Dorlan Curtis, also know as "the worm guy", facilitates compost management and soil production for the campus and has given multiple presentations to students on closed-loop farming.


He has worked closely with our Junior High students to educate them on sustainable waste management, which has led to a complete re-haul of our school's waste system.

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Center for oceanic research

The CORE mission was to "involve Bahamian students and communities in the data collection process of an Applied Scientific Marine and Environmental Research initiative, [in order to] further our understanding of ecologically sensitive habitats that ultimately promotes the conservation of biodiversity."


This organization worked with HIGS for years to educate our students on marine research. Whilst they may have discontinued their services, their legacy remains in the hearts of our students and staff.

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Freedom to read

Freedom to Read Inc is a non profit organization devoted to providing free access to literacy for Bahamians in the family islands. They have partnered with The Harbour Island Green School to open their 12th library on Eleuthera. Freedom to Read Inc generously donated 2 pallets of books. Working as a team we were able to catalog nearly 2,000 books. The HIGS library utilizes the Follet Destiny Online Catalog allowing students to easily navigate the collection.


The Eleutheran

The Eleutheran is an independent news media outlet based in Eleuthera which publishes monthly newspapers, yearly magazines and hosts a news website. The Eleutheran is the primary source for news on Eleuthera and has been a consistent supported of the Harbour Island Green School.


The editor, Mrs, Elizabeth Bryan, prioritizes in person attendance for our events and resulting editorials have been a critical part of our awareness campaigns.


Zonta Club

Zonta Club is an international service organization with the mission of advancing the status of women. Zonta Club works to realize a vision of the world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights, where women have access to all resources, and where every woman is able to achieve her full potential. Furthermore, Zonta works to ensure that women are represented in decision-making positions on an equal basis with men, and that no woman lives in fear of violence.

Ms Jewel Edwards, special representative of Zonta for Eleuthera, led the school in a vibrant campaign across all districts of the island. "Painting the island orange " was the goal, and it was more than achieved! Students handed out oranges to raise awareness, and as a symbol of peace and hope.

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