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High Quality Learning Environment

The environment is designed to promote high quality learning and interactions in all domains throughout the day. Learning materials, artifacts, and visual representations reflect every child’s family, local community and are readily available for children’s use.


Intentional Teaching

Our teachers use intentional teaching practices to support continued growth in all aspects of children’s development and learning. Intentional Teaching is dependent upon adult expertise in fundamental child development and the developmental continuum together with authentic assessment and appropriate observations of each child to establish learning goals and continuously inform instruction.


Strong Family Engagement

The relationship with each family is valued and strengthened by seeking multiple ways to partner in their child’s development and learning. We actively seek to build relationships and continuously foster connections with families in order to best support student needs.


Balanced Education

Children are naturally curious, and they gravitate toward novel stimuli that bring them new information. Fun activities balanced with structured learning activities give kids the best start in life. Play is a central ingredient in learning, allowing children to imitate adult behaviors, practice motor skills, process emotional events, and learn much about their world.


Alexandra Evered (Title)

Bio with experience. 

Laura Lowe (Title)

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